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How Not to Get Suckered by a Shady SEO Company

We’ve spoken before about the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO, as well as some guidelines on how to choose an SEO company, but what we haven’t done is identify the ways in which shady SEO companies approach their victims and how you can avoid them.  Today, we’ll Read more

Creating your Digital Brand

In an age where the biggest and brightest brands begin life online, it’s more important than ever to think about how to create your digital brand. But with everyone throwing the phrase around, it’s difficult to know where to start. Your digital brand is your identity online. As in offline Read more

Social Media Analytics: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

A lot of businesses are using social media today—about 94%, in fact. But are they using it well? And are they using it in the way that will benefit their company the most? Companies establish a profile on social media, and sometimes they even post regularly. But do they get Read more

Improve Your Klout: Being a Social Influencer Online

By Nadine Caouette You’ve probably heard of Klout, a tool that ranks its users according to their online influence through a “Klout Score.” If you have a high Klout score (based on a scale of 1 to 100), you’re considered extremely influential online. The average Klout score is 40, but Read more

How to Build a Phenomenal Audience

When it comes to your audience, it’s important to do more than just know who they are. In fact, developing an audience can be a far more in-depth and worthwhile process than you might think. Traditionally, marketers really only had the option of “renting” audiences—paying to have ads used on Read more

7 Ways to Make Your Content More Shareable

It’s the holy grail for everyone creating content for the internet: How do you make sure your content gets shared? Of course, the first step is to create shareable content. But what makes something shareable? Do you have to have a particularly fascinating business to make it happen? (Spoiler: You Read more