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Pro Tip: Be Careful of Scam Phone Calls

We’ve written before about the abundance of spam emails, but while scammers are clearly branching out into the digital realm this doesn’t mean that email is their only tool.  In fact, within the last few years we have experienced a number of scam phone calls that purport to be from Microsoft or Read more

Social Metrics and Analysis Pitfalls

Businesses are investing more money and time into data and analytics. At the same time, they are also investing more into social media and community building. Showing analytics-based ROI on social media efforts can be a titanic challenge with the host of reporting tools that currently exist. Many social media Read more

Why Black Hat SEO Isn’t the Way to Go

Search engine optimization has a bad rep.  Ironic, isn’t it, that an industry that is advertised as protecting your individual reputation has such a bad one. The selling point for so many fly-by-night SEO firms is that they are omnipotent.  Want more visitors? They’ll sell you thousands.  Want to protect Read more