It’s the holy grail for everyone creating content for the internet: How do you make sure your content gets shared? Of course, the first step is to create shareable content. But what makes something shareable? Do you have to have a particularly fascinating business to make it happen? (Spoiler: You don’t.) In fact, there are some simple tactics you can use when creating and presenting your content to ensure that it reaches the right audience at the optimal time to encourage sharing.

Include sharing buttons.

Simple, yet true: If you don’t give people an easy way to share content, they won’t do it! Be sure your blog posts and other content include buttons to make it easy to share the content to social media platforms.

Tap into your community.

What are your current customers talking about on social networks and in the comments on your blog or website? Are there particular questions or frustrations that aren’t being addressed? What about on competitors’ social sites or other leading industry blogs? By looking at what people are saying in real time, you can address popular topics and present yourself as an expert with useful information at just the right time.

Pay attention to current events.

In addition to your community, keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry at large. Is there new technology out there to be reviewed? New laws or events that affect your business? By keeping up to date with industry news, you can hit on popular topics right as they come to light. Plus you look knowledgeable and on the ball when it comes to the latest trends, which makes you (and your website) the place to go for information and products in your area. A win-win situation!

Stage a debate.

This can be tricky, given how quickly things can deteriorate on the Internet, but with a little pre-planning and careful execution, your website or blog could be the place for people to discuss important, controversial issues. Because people love to share their opinions, a well-reasoned, respectable discussion is a great way to encourage content sharing. Especially if you can present expert voices in the industry, a debate could be a great way to encourage sharing and interaction.

Hit them in the heart.

Content that arouses intense emotions like delight, excitement, or astonishment is more likely to be shared. Look for ways to incorporate eye-catching headlines and interesting stories to drive home your point. That’s another reason to be very aware of the issues and concerns of your community—if your content is what appears right when someone is most frustrated and in need of some help—or just a good laugh—that emotional response will inspire them to share.

Provide value.  

A content creation schedule can be tough, especially when you’ve got plenty of other things that need doing. However, you want to make the time and effort to really provide your visitors with value and set your content apart from the competitors’. In one study, 94% of users said they had shared educational content from a business in the past. In other words, if it’s useful, consumers will take the time to share! So let your content be your place to shine, displaying your company’s personality, expertise, and usefulness.

Looks matter.

You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, but you should arrange your content in a way that makes it easy to read and digest. Break up long paragraphs, use bullet points and bold text to separate sections, and don’t even think about pairing that black background with that neon yellow text! In the end, shareable content should be informative, easy to consume, and, of course, easy to share. If you’re looking for more help with creating shareable content and a strategy to get it out there, check out what Agile can provide!