How do search and social media impact you?

Your business faces a growing array of digital challenges. Our business is here to help you manage them.

Agile Impact was founded on the idea that social media and search engines have a profound impact on all our lives. Our mission is to solve the problems and capitalize on the opportunities they present. To that end, we monitor, analyze and strategize solutions related to your digital presence; build or improve your digital influence; and reduce digital risks associated with your online communications.


Digital Presence

Your digital presence is everything relevant to your name online. Websites, social profiles, directory profiles, news stories, and a variety of content on other digital media channels comprise the places where information about you exists online.

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Digital Influence

Your digital influence is your ability to drive action online. When information about you or by you is shared online and in real life, and people respond to that information by commenting, sharing or telling others, that is online influence.

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Digital Risk

Your digital presence risk is your exposure to threats online. Digital risk is the result of what happens to the information you posted online, what other people are posting about you online and what hostile actors are doing with your name, your image, and your brand online.

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Agile Impact Team

We work with you to build and protect your online brand. This includes tracking progress and identifying new potential challenges, managing programs actively to maintain results, and continually measuring progress against established benchmarks.