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Where Did My Traffic Spike Come From? A Basic Google Analytics Tutorial

Friday, Jun 30th, 2017.

When you’re in charge of a website or its social media, how can you tell how many people are visiting your site and where they are coming from? If you haven’t already, the first step in that process is talking with your website developer and getting Google Analytics up and running on the site. Read more

Know your Digital Risk this Tax Season

Friday, Feb 3rd, 2017.

It is 2017, and a new year means a new tax season. This year tax season comes with fresh threats as scammers try to leverage fear of the IRS to steal identities and money. January 30-February 3 is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team), Read more

Happy New Year from Agile Impact!

Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2017.

What has changed in digital in the past few years? Agile Impact has created an infographic with some of the most interesting global trends. Read more

Cyber Alert: Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

Wednesday, Nov 30th, 2016.

On Wednesday, November 11th, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) released an alert reminding users that the holiday season is a time to remain vigilant and cautious when shopping online or browsing the internet: holiday phishing scams and malware campaigns abound. A significant increase in scams and spam is Read more